Money Makes the Con Go ‘Round

Do you like the stories told by spreadsheets? Then you’ll like this: the post-con financial report for Narrativity 2022.

Don’t want to know how the sausage is made? Did you know that the original Hamster Dance is still available?

The short version: We did all right, mostly due to the amazing generosity of donations. You know who you are, and thank you all.

For comparison, previous years’ reports can be found here:     2019     2021

We had 52 paid memberships, and about 43 warm bodies. We’d like to see those numbers go higher, but it was enough people to have a really good time, which is what we’re in this for.

2022 Financial Report Pie Charts

Starting Balance: 396.85
Memberships $2,165.00
Workshop Fees $684.00
Donations (all sources)* $2,130.79
Other Income $19.90
Total Revenue $4,999.69
Hotel $3,263.54
Workshop $381.27
PayPal fees $149.81
Consuite (durable goods) $22.41
Consuite (consumables)* $911.15
Printing $134.79
Meeting Supplies – badgeholders, etc. $18.33
Meeting Supplies – other
Covid supplies**
Website $175.83
Admin – legal & gov’t.
Admin – other $10.92
Total Expenditures $5,068.05
Net $(68.36)
Recapture of non-cash expenses $210.00
Current Balance: $538.49

**donated in-kind

Want to help keep this thing going? Help spread the word! Right now Narrativity may be the best-kept secret on the convention scene, and we’d like to change that. Our soft cap for membership is 100, so we’ve got room for quite a few more fun, smart, insightful story fans; if you know some of them, make sure they know about us!

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