Covid Policy for 2023

So far we’ve had good luck with Covid-free Narrativities — and we want to keep it that way! Here’s what you need to know before coming to 2023’s con. Please read the whole post, as requirements have changed from last year!

  • Proof of vaccination against Covid-19, INCLUDING *AT LEAST* ONE BOOSTER SHOT, will be REQUIRED for admittance to Narrativity 2023. We strongly recommend additional booster(s) if they are available to you.

    You will have to show picture ID and your vaccination card or equivalent at Registration, or you won’t be given a badge. We can’t make any exceptions, so please, don’t ask us to. If you are medically unable to receive a Covid vaccination or booster shot, you will need to show a doctor’s note or equivalent to that effect.

    Photocopies, cell phone pics, etc. are admissible provided that they are clearly readable and unaltered. (You can redact your social security number if it’s on there, but that’s it.) You can also email a clearly readable photo of your vax card to the registration address at narrativity.fun before the convention, if that’s easier for you. (Though we do recommend still having the physical card with you, just in case.)

  • A negative Covid-19 test administered within 24 hours of entry will be REQUIRED for admittance to Narrativity 2023. You will need to sign a statement saying that you have had a Covid-19 test (PCR, home self-test, etc.) within 24 hours of your arrival, and that the test result was negative. We will have a limited number of self-tests available for purchase at Registration; if you weren’t able to get tested beforehand, you will need to buy the test kit, administer the self-test, and wait for the result before getting your badge.
  • Correctly-worn masks will be REQUIRED in all convention function space. You can take them off when eating or drinking, and for certain specific activities such as singing or speaking on panels if properly socially-distanced. We will have masks available for those who need them.

Attendance at Narrativity is at your own risk. We try to make it as safe as we reasonably can, but it’s still a group gathering during an ongoing pandemic; by attending, you accept the risks inherent in that and the potential consequences thereof.

Of course, this policy is subject to change as the Covid situation changes. But this is what we’re planning on as of this posting, and this is what you should plan on to help protect your health and that of your fellow attendees.

Let’s have another fine, fun, and Covid-free convention, folks!

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