Covid Policy for 2024

Many things are welcome at Narrativity, but Covid-19 isn’t one of them! So that everyone can enjoy a congenial and Covid-free convention, all attendees of Narrativity 2024 must follow these rules:

  • PROOF OF VACCINATION against Covid-19, including AT LEAST ONE BOOSTER shot, is REQUIRED for admission. We strongly recommend getting the most updated bivalent vaccine available, if you haven’t already.

    You will need to show picture ID and your vaccination card or equivalent at Registration, or you won’t be given a badge. Please make sure you have your proof of vax with you; we’d hate to have to turn you away at the door!

    If you are medically unable to receive a Covid vaccination or booster shot, you will need to show a doctor’s note or equivalent to that effect.

    Photocopies, cell phone pics, etc. are admissible provided that they are clearly readable. You can also email a clearly readable photo of your proof-of-vax to the registration address at narrativity.fun before the convention, if that’s easier for you. (Though we do recommend still having the physical card with you, just in case.)

  • Masks are strongly recommended but not required. We will have masks available at Registration if you need one.
  • We will not be requiring Covid tests for admission this year. However, if you experience anything that even thinks about being a possible Covid symptom, please test right away, for the sake of all your fellow attendees! We will have Covid tests available for purchase at Registration.
  • This policy is subject to change if the Covid-19 situation changes. We’ll be paying attention to CDC and local guidance regarding masks, social distancing, and other preventative measures as the convention gets closer. If we need to put stricter requirements in place, we’ll announce it on this website and in email; all Narrativity attendees will be required to follow the full Covid policy including any updated requirements.

As with any group gathering, attendance at Narrativity is at your own risk. Please be careful for your own sake and your fellow Narrativitists!

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