Writing Workshop

Before we dive into three glorious Narrativity days of talking theory and craft, let’s get practical! Join us Thursday, June 22, for a day-long workshop focused on what you write, how you’ve written it, what we can do to help you write it better, and what you can do to help some of us do the same.

Workshop participants will submit up to 10 pages* for critique by one of our workshop leaders and up to five of your fellow writers. Critiques will happen in small groups and be bookended by two workshop-wide discussions. You’ll get coffee first thing, lunch in the middle, an hour dedicated to your writing and (almost certainly) a few new comrade-in-arms friendships.

Workshop leaders will be Skyler Gray, Emma Bull, Steven Brust, Will Shetterly, and a player to be named later.

Submission Guidelines

We take screenplays and short or long fiction excerpts. Please no poetry or non-fiction.

Genre: any (with the recognition that we’re mostly sci-fi/fantasy writers)

*Format: 10 double-spaced pages with 1.5” margins in 12-point type + a cover sheet. (10 ¼ pages is okay if it gets you to a reasonable stopping point)

Cover sheet: Please include: the title and genre of the piece with your name and email address.

If your submission is not a complete short story, please let us know whether it’s the beginning of a short story or novel. If it’s not the beginning, please give us no more than 200 words of context.

Deadline for manuscript submission is May 27, 2023. Early is fine. Late is not. If you’re not finished, send what you’ve got. It doesn’t have to be 10 pages and it doesn’t have to be perfect. It *does* have to be on time because we want to get the 30-50 pages you’ll be critiquing to you with enough time for you to do them justice. Please do them justice. We’re not going to require a full printed page of critique for each piece you read, but giving good critique is good manners and a great education.

Sounds great? Then sign up below! The cost is just $50. You’ll receive a confirmation email with additional details about group assignments, etc.

Please note that you must already be a member of Narrativity 2023 to sign up for the workshop. Don’t have your membership yet? You can fix that here!

Got questions? Just ask Skyler Gray, our workshop coordinator, whatever you need to know.

Sign-ups for the workshop will close when we have 25 participants or on May 21st, whichever happens first. So what are you waiting for?

Pen name, if you use one.
We will use this address for all workshop-related communications.
Just in case we can't reach you by email.