Who’s Coming?

The best part of Narrativity is all the nifty people to share it with!  Here’s who they are so far for 2022:

Alex F. Brown
Andre Sólo
Anna Werner
Baby Skullcrusher
Bobby Brimmer
Chris Olson
Chris Wozney
David Walbridge
Emma Bull
Erin Shanendoah
Hansford Robert Hull
Heshe Leontess
Jason Wilcox
Jon Lincicum
Julia Smith
L.J. Stanton
Liz A. Vogel
Meg Trast
Megan Cole
Michael Butler
Michael Hacker
Michael Wallis
Nathan Lueth
Noelle Riley
Pat Scaramuzza
Patrick Cole
Rob Stanton
Skyler Gray
Stace R.
Steven Brust
Steven Halter
Sweth Chandramouli
Tony Drummond
Tracie Guy-Decker
Tricia Callero
Tyler Tork
Vast Listen
Will Shetterly

…and nine members who wish to preserve their secret identities!

last updated:  12 May 2022, 2:51 p.m.