Friday Night’s Cards Against Narrativity

Friday night, Narrativitists gathered to create questions and answers for our very own Cards Against Narrativity. And then, we played a game using our questions and answers. Below, you’ll see the game we played (winning answers in bold). The full list of questions and answer options we created will be available later.

They were up late at the smoking circle drinking ________
Chimpanzees in blue liquid
Live shame
Microphone feedback

Why is the con running late?
An orgie at the unseelie court
An angry Vizsla
Character dysfunction

Heinlein writes ________ female characters
Five man band
Karl giving the middle finger
Service dog

When I want inspiration, I want to listen to __________
The crackhouse next door
Characters screaming in your brain
Anime that turns horribly dark by episode 3
Audio version with a dyslexic narrator

My worldbuilding sucks because ___________
Failure of the imagination
Hallucinating AI
Satanic rituals
Sethra Lavode

The best meal one can serve is ____________
Cannibal Paprikash
Hungry writers
Surprised Pikachu
Tiny cookies in the shape of ships

My _________ was added to the story
Service dog
Moderator on a power trip
Oompa Loompa
Power porn

How do I write like Dumas?
Seeing what happens when you stab someone
Trumps of Doom
Prostitute stimulation
A convoluted theme you can’t explain

Service dogs are most encouraged by
Shy weasel
The circle of time
Chekhov’s Gun
Psychic cats

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