Narrativity Online!

We have picture, and sound! Yes, the first of our long-awaited online panels is in the can, and will be premiering here soon. In the meantime, your friendly neighborhood con chair has prattled on for a couple of minutes about the niftiness that is Narrativity.

Each panel will get its own Update post (so you can discuss it in the comments); I’ll also update this post with a list of panels as they’re available, so you can use this as a table of contents.

00 – Intro to Narrativity (this post)
01 – Outlining
02 – Exposition by Elimination
03 – Pacing
04 – The Importance of the Mundane in Fantasy
05 – What is the Writer’s Responsibility in Creating a Story? — in two parts!

To kick us off, here’s a brief introduction to Narrativity: what we’re about, for those who are new to the con, and a little bit about how the online version will work.

There’s more to come, but until then, if you have any questions or just want to say hi, the comment section awaits your erudition!

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