Helping Hand for Stephen Vessels

Writer, artist, and Narrativity member Stephen T. Vessels has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, following on the heels of a heart attack earlier this year. Treatment is progressing, but of course expenses are mounting up just when he’s too ill to work, and he could use a helping hand.

You may remember Stephen from Narrativity last year; he was on several panels, and was a big, friendly presence in the late-night con suite. In true Narrativity fashion, he was promptly dubbed “the other Steve in a hat”. I personally had the pleasure of visiting Uncle Hugo’s bookstore for the first time (and just in time!) with Stephen and fellow Narrativitist Chris Wozney. And I’m sure looking forward to seeing him again next year — so Stephen, you’d better get well soon! That’s an order! (See, I told you I could give one if I had to.)

If you can spare a few bucks, or a few minutes to help spread the word, please see the GoFundMe for Stephen for more information.

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