Narrativity Online: The Writer’s Responsibility

Yes, it’s a two-fer! There was so much to chew on in this one, we needed two panels to cover it all. (And there’s plenty of room for more in the comments.)

What is the Writer’s Responsibility in Creating a Story? There are a lot of simplistic answers, such as, “to tell a good story full stop,” and, “the writer is responsible for everything one might take from a story.” Let’s try to get past those, and explore the question a little deeper.

Part One features panelists Chris Olson (moderator), Tyler Tork, Pat Scaramuzza, L.J. Stanton, and Bobby Brimmer (with video production by Joe Heaney).
Part Two features panelists Emma Bull (moderator), Steven Brust, Liz A. Vogel, and Will Shetterly (also video production).

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Part One:

Part Two:

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