Proof of Vaccination REQUIRED

Yeah, we knew it was coming, much as we hoped it wouldn’t be necessary:

***Proof of vaccination against Covid-19, INCLUDING BOOSTER SHOT, will be REQUIRED for admittance to Narrativity 2022.***

You will have to show picture ID and your vaccination card or equivalent at Registration, or you won’t be given a badge. “I forgot” or “I lost my card” won’t cut it, so please don’t even try.

Photocopies, cell phone pics, etc. are admissible provided that they are clearly readable and unaltered. (You can redact your social security number if it’s on there, but that’s it.) You can also email a clearly readable photo of your vax card to the registration address at narrativity.fun before the convention, if that’s easier for you. (Though we do recommend still having the physical card with you, just in case.)

(If you are medically prohibited from receiving Covid vaccination, you will need to show a doctor’s note or equivalent to that effect. Attendance at Narrativity is entirely at your own risk. You will need to wear a mask in all public indoor spaces for the protection of other attendees.)

This worked out very well last year, so let’s go for the same this year. Get your shots and bring your cards, folks, and let’s have another lovely Covid-free weekend.

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