Registration is Open for 2024!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here: Registration is now open for Narrativity 2024: Romancing the Muse! You can join us at the lovely Crowne Plaza in Plymouth, MN, from Thursday, May 30 through Sunday, June 2, 2024, and you don’t even need soft music or flowers — just forty-two bucks. (What can we say, romance is cheap.)

In addition to a weekend-long discussion of the finer points of inspiration, perspiration, and metaphor, we’ll be offering fun, games, and calories at the Sugar and Charcuterie Extravaganza on Thursday evening. If you’re looking for some TLC for that manuscript you’ve been dancing with, we’re doing some final edits on the sequel to our popular Writing Workshop; watch this space for more details, coming soon. And if you want to make a date to spend three and a half days geeking out about Story with some of the smartest, nicest, most fun fellow storytellers you’ve ever shared a convention with, you can read all about it here, or just take the plunge and sign up now.

Our updated Covid policy for 2024 is here. Read it, know it, follow it!

Got ideas for panels? Want to be a panelist? Contact Erin, our Paragon of Programming, and let her know where your fancy turns to.

245 days and counting!

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