The Root of All Conventions

For the fiscal geeks among us, I present to you the post-con financial report for Narrativity 2021.

For those of you who don’t want to know how the sausage is made, may I tempt you with high-diving giraffes?

The short version: For a second-year con in the midst of a pandemic, we did astoundingly well. Although we didn’t break even, we came much closer than we did in 2019, which under the circumstances is fabulous.

Last year’s time’s numbers are here for comparison.

We had 55 paid memberships, and 42 warm bodies. (What’s the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything? How many people came to Narrativity?) That’s pretty comparable to the no-show rate in 2019, and while the Covid situation certainly didn’t do us any good, we still had enough people to have a good time, which is what matters.

2021 Financial Report Pie Charts

Starting Balance: $165.83
Memberships $2,503.00
Donations (all sources) $896.00
Other Income $1.80
Total Revenue $3,400.80
Hotel $2,390.97
PayPal, etc. fees $98.93
Consuite (durable goods) $94.57
Consuite (consumables) $597.98
Printing $139.46
Meeting Supplies – badgeholders, etc. $34.11
Meeting Supplies – other
Covid supplies $16.87
Note: This is for two years.
Admin – legal & gov’t.
Admin – other $18.19
Total Expenditures $3,669.78
Net $(268.98)
Contributions (from concom) $500.00
Current Balance: $396.85

What can you do to help? Tell your friends what a good time they missed at Narrativity this year, and make sure they know how to stay informed for next year! If we can get a few more nifty people to join us, Covid willing and the creek don’t rise, we might just be able to keep this thing going!

2 thoughts on “The Root of All Conventions

  1. Thanks for the nitty gritty, Liz. The transparency with this makes me feel great about being a part of it.

    I may sleep again until I find out where that extra $1.80 in income came from, however.

    1. LOL! The $1.80 is from fizzy drink containers — Michigan has a ten cent deposit on anything carbonated, and since most manufacturers code their cans/bottles for nationwide distribution, I bring home the empties and turn them in. It’s not much, but every little bit helps!

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