Group Meal Orders

Looking for a fun, tasty, and above all easy option for meals during Narrativity?

Our Meal Magician, Rebecca Sparkles, is organizing two group food orders. Saturday dinner will be a taco bar, and Sunday lunch will be pizza and/or salad. In both cases, there’ll be a limited menu to simplify ordering, but there should be something delicious available for everyone. The estimated cost per person per meal is $13-$15 (cash only).

To help us get a rough head count and allow sufficient lead time for ordering purposes, please contact Rebecca and let her know if you’re interested in either or both of the meals. No commitment yet! When you get to the con, you can confirm your order and pay for your selections. Please be sure to bring cash, since we don’t have the facilities to take other kinds of payment for this!

Note: You must order and pay by noon on Saturday Sept. 4 to participate.

Any comments, kudos, or queries? Please let us know!

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