54 Days And Counting!

Narrativity 2021: Take Two (and Write Me in the Morning) is less than two months away!

If you haven’t gotten your membership yet, now’s the time! (And if you’re not sure if you have a membership, or if you had a roll-over from 2020, just ask!)

Need hotel? The online booking link for the Crowne Plaza is live and can be found here. The convention rate extends to two nights before and after the event, so if you want to come early or stay late to see some of Minneapolis or hang out with con friends, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t forget to check out the list of potential panels and let us know what you want to see — and what you’d like to be on!

Currently there are no Covid-related restrictions on gathering sizes, so we should be able to go ahead with a “full-size” Narrativity. (The soft cap for membership is 100 people.) We’ll keep an eye on the situation and let you know if anything changes, but for now we’re planning on going ahead with the in-person con in September!

CDC guidelines indicate that fully vaccinated people may safely gather indoors without masks or social distancing. (Of course you can still wear a mask if you’re more comfortable doing so.)

Our guiding principle of “play nice; don’t be a jerk” definitely includes “don’t breathe plague on your fellow attendees”, so please be sure to get your Covid shot(s) at least two weeks before the convention, if you haven’t already (unless you are medically unable to). We realize that’s more easily done in some locations than in others, and we sympathize with those folks who are struggling to get access to vaccines. But if you’re coming to Narrativity, we want you to be fully vaccinated — for everyone else’s sake as well as your own.

For more information about the status of restaurants, public spaces, public transit and more, please see Meet Minneapolis’s COVID-19 Health & Safety Information. In general, things are opening back up, but it’s still a good idea to check with a specific business for new hours or restrictions before you go.

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