20 Days and Counting!

It’s less than three weeks until Narrativity. Eep!

There’s still time to get your membership for just $55 — but only just! On August 20th, the price goes up to $75. If you haven’t yet purchased a membership for yourself — or a friend, or all your friends — hie thee thither and make it happen!

Please note that *correctly worn* masks are required in all indoor convention space. You can take them off to eat and drink, and for specific activities such as singing or speaking on panels, if properly social-distanced. We’ll have a variety of masks available for those who need them, as well as hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. And our function space is very spacious, so there should be plenty of room to be social at a reasonable distance.

Also, please remember that proof of Covid-19 vaccination is required for admittance to Narrativity 2021.

Team ConSuite is hard at work on another yummy spread of drinks, snacks, nibbles, and nosh. If there’s something specific you’d like to see in the consuite, or if you have dietary restrictions or other concerns, please let us know. We can’t promise to accommodate every request, but we’ll do our best — and the earlier we know about it, the better the odds of your con comestible dreams coming true!

Got a good book that you’re ready to part with, but you think other people will love? Or maybe you have a spare copy of that beloved favorite, and you’d like to share the joy. Bring it to Narrativity! You can drop off your excellent books needing to be rehomed at our Good Book Exchange, and adopt someone else’s offerings!

After panels are done in the evening, it’s time for conversation, games… and music! Jon Lincicum will be coordinating our Music Circle this year; contact him with any questions. We’re looking into the possibility of moving the music outside for the fresh air option; if that doesn’t pan out, the panel room has plenty of space.

And speaking of panels… don’t forget to volunteer to be on some!

We’re working hard to bring you a fun, intellectually-stimulating, and Covid-free convention. See you soon, in person and everything!

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