Ride-shares and Room-shares for 2023

Conventions are not a cheap activity. Fortunately, one of the best ways to save money at a con is also one of the most fun: by sharing!

  • Got a car, and looking for a rider or two to share gas costs?
  • Need a ride to/from the con, and got a few bucks to chip in for gas?
  • Got a hotel room, and looking for a roommate or roommates to split the cost?
  • Need a place to stay, and looking for someone who has room in their room?

Then this is the post for you!

Comment below with what you have/need, what your schedule is, and how best to contact you. And if you see someone who sounds like a good match, get in touch and coordinate with them.

Note: We get a lot of spam-bots around here, so we strongly recommend obfuscating your email address, such as myaddress at mydomain dot com. (Or my personal favorite, myaddressAUTONmydomainDALEKcom, because everything’s better with Doctor Who references.)

Covid note: “Your car, your rules” applies, and ditto for your hotel room. But it’s a good idea to make sure everyone has the same expectations regarding masks, etc. before you commit to spending hours together in the same space!

ETA: We also have ride-share and room-share channels on the convention Discord. Not on Discord and want to be? Just click here to request an invite!

Happy sharing!

2 thoughts on “Ride-shares and Room-shares for 2023

  1. Noelle & I will have a rental vehicle available to help ferry people places for lunch and dinner. Masking in the vehicle expected, and anyone riding with us should be comfortable with the service dogs. Best reached via the Narrativity discord.

  2. I enjoyed our talks and would like to take advantage of what you offer. I am rooming with my editor Chris Wozney and I am sure she would want to come along . Your dog was the best-behaved one that I have ever seen.

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