Narrativity Lunch Brought to You

Looking for a convenient, tasty, and social way to keep your brain cells fed during Narrativity? How about having food brought right to you at the con?

Attendees can opt in to participate in two catered meals during the convention – Friday lunch and Saturday lunch.

Friday’s lunch will be from Broadway Pizza. The types of pizza will be determined by vote of those who sign up. You also have the option to select an individual entrée salad. The cost for pizza depends on the number of signups, in the range of $10-$12/person. For the salad option it’ll be whatever the restaurant charges for that salad, plus tax, tip and a share of the delivery charge (approximately $.50).

Saturday’s lunch is taco bar with chicken, rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, corn tortillas, chips and salsa. The cost will be around $12-$15/person, depending on number of signups.

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/W3jzSELhi8NyzTYB9

Deadline to sign up: June 21
We’ll email you on the 22nd with the exact cost.
Deadline to pay: 10 AM June 23
Your order is not confirmed until we receive payment. Cash, check, or
Venmo accepted.

Questions? Ask our Meal Magicians!

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