Narrativity 2020: Labor Day?

We’re looking at dates for Narrativity in 2020, and right now the front-runner is Labor Day weekend. Longer weekend! More time for more fun! Also DragonCon, the Minnesota State Fair, and a whole lot of other things that traditionally keep people busy.

So, we’re asking for input. If you attended Narrativity in 2019, you should have received a survey email asking what you think about the proposed dates. If you did not receive that email, please (a) check your spam filters, and (b) let us know.

No date will work for everyone. And the convention calendar is surprisingly crowded; fandom is alive and well and thriving in venues all over the map, any weekend you care to name. We’re going to conflict with something. But in line with our guiding principle of not being a jerk, we’re hoping not to step on any more schedules than we have to — or at least step on different ones than we did this year. 😉

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